Our E-commerce sites are among the best in the industry! We guarantee to bring you more customers, improve your client service, and significantly increase your sales.

Our E-commerce Solutions provide the following Services:

Database Design

A database is an integral part of any E-commerce site. All client information is stored there in addition to transaction history, product listings, and any other information relevant to your online business activity.

It is crucial that the database design be robust and scaleable in order for online transactions to process efficiently. The design must also provide enough flexibility for the database to change with time, allowing your business to grow. E-griculture can design and implement completely customized database solutions within your budget. We utilize highly scaleable, secure and robust programming languages. An effective database design is a wise investment today and worth its value well into the future.

Upgrades and fine-tuning your current database system is also an option. We can advance your system with far more power and more efficient data maintenance.

Online Catalog

Online Catalogs are fast becoming one of the most popular features of E-commerce business. By placing your products online, you eliminate the significant cost of printing and distributing paper catalogs.

Updates to catalog content are in real-time, effective immediately. The number of potential customers that can view and purchase products is virtually unlimited.

E-griculture will create a business model and budget to fit your business needs. Online catalogs will manage basic online orders, to automatic order processing. Retailers, manufacturers and distributors can't afford to miss this powerful feature for your website.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are crucial when handling multiple orders on your website. Another popular feature that is useful for multiple orders from your site. Collecting purchase items in a Shopping Cart, just like in a traditional store, and then making an order for several items together, simplifies the transaction. As such, it is more user-friendly, easier for the customer, and cheaper for you to process.

Credit Card Processing

Despite 'security concerns', credit card payment processing remains the most efficient, fast, and reliable form of collecting money for online purchases. Depending on your budget and requirements, we may recommend Offline, or a Real Time Credit Card processing system.

Offline, being less costly, but requiring more manual input on the part of the merchant, best suits a budget conscious owner. It is a good starting point on the road to a more active E-commerce site.

A "Real-time" system, which automatically charges the credit card and deposits the funds into the merchant's bank account almost immediately, is obviously a little more costly, but the convenience is well worth the money. Maintaining online security is our primary consideration when building a site. We guarantee that your client's credit card information will be safe and secure. Based upon your business type, size, and requirements for your online credit card processing system, we will provide you with the most economical, reliable, and trusted solution on the Internet.