Targeted Email Marketing

Egriculture gives our clients the ability to quickly and effectively communicate with customers, employees, and investors using email.Our services allow you to build and manage permission based email lists, as well as, create and deliver highly personalized email campaigns.

Features of our email services include:

  • Send personalized email
  • Customizing your message according to the profile of your recipients
  • Automatically sense and deliver the properly formatted version, text or HTML
  • Create email marketing campaigns delivered to your schedule
  • Target your mailing list by behavior, interests, or demographic profile
  • Drive traffic and measure interest with trackable URLs

Our service includes:

  • List cleansing and duplicate removal
  • Message formatting for Text, HTML and AOL
  • Personalization of Header, Subject, Body and Footer
  • Trackable URL's
  • Auto Unsubscribe links in every message

Our Reports include:

  • Number of delivered emails
  • Number of undelivered emails (bounces)
  • Click through reporting on each URL
  • Detailed list of click through names

Egricultures' Full Service Email program is the quickest and easiest way to send your message.

Simply send us your content and list and we'll do the rest!